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Hello there, My name is Joanne.

I am just a 18 Year Old student studying at Ngee Ann Poly . I decided to open up my blog again because i want to write up my stories so that in the future i can look back at all these wonderful memories again.

If you keep trying to reason with yourself instead of listening to your feelings, you'll never be able to feel true happiness.



24/03 PFP Graduation Party
28/03 Chalet for 3D2N
18/04 Start of Year 1
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  Trip to Malaysia
Hello !! This is going to be my first write-up for this blog cause i could not think of what to write about haha.  Sooooo, during my holidays, i have been to Malaysia with a few friends of mine and i honestly enjoyed myself. First one i would be talking about would be the trip to Malaysia with Kitty and Bella.

Can i say that our hotel was extremely pretty ?! There was a swimming pool literally just one level below us. Then kitty was just judging me and Bella cause we were so fascinated by everything haha. Basically, what we did at Malaysia was just watching most of the movies and eating lots of lots of lots of good food. We even tried this korean food where they put the nitrogen gas inside and then when we eat it, there will be smoke coming out from our mouth. It was a pretty cool experience!!  
Then following up, second day we went to do our nails and hair. I was really satisfied with my nails because it was my first time doing my nails and also my first time having LONG nails since my mum always love to cut it off. 

After doing our nails in the afternoon, we spend the rest of our day doing our hair. I decided to have a change of color because i was so bored of my hair color and the hairdresser suggested for me to try something new and different, so i decided to dye my hair green. The result was really nice but now after a few wash, my color faded to ash green :-(  ANDDD, i decided to go bangs again HAHHA. I dont know if it was a good choice or not but oh wells, i already cut it so no regret now.

 This is a before and after picture!

Overall i really really enjoyed the 3D2N malaysia trip with my good friends and i wouldnt mind going with them again. I hope we can have more of this again in the future with the same company or with more people this time :) 

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